Sonia Borg Oral Sex He’ll Never Forget Review


Sonia Borg Oral Sex He’ll Never Forget – Guaranteed to Heat Up His Hot Spots!

Sonia Borg Oral Sex He'll Never ForgetSonia Borg Oral Sex He’ll Never Forget: 52 Positions and Techniques Guaranteed to Blow Your Man Away, is a book that’s all about the fine art of oral sex for your man.

Great oral sex is an experience that should engage all of the pleasure senses and thrill the body from head to toe, and every one of his sexy hot spot along the way. The book shows you just that.

The author, a certified clinical sexologist, has no shortage of useful techniques that will end up giving your man the sexiest of thoughts, while leading him into pure orgasmic bliss. Not to be mistaken for any old clichéd “How to blow job your man” sex book, it provides the reader with step-by-step instructions to on how to completely bring your man to his knees.

In Sonia Borg Oral Sex He';; Never Forget, the author jumps into the oral sex techniques, she begins by teaching and illustrating the basics of the male anatomy. The photos and drawings presented are all classy and done with very good taste, and her descriptions detailed and informative while being tactful at the same time.

Each chapter in Sonia Borg Oral Sex He’ll Never Forget outlines experiences based on new and exciting techniques, positions, or settings, the reader also learns how to simultaneously use pleasure senses such as touching and teasing to stimulate his hot spots, to prolong his excitement successfully, and how to take oral sex from an ordinary eto totally extraordinary experience for him.

Although I personally feel that her oral sex techniques are more suited to that of a beginner level, Sonia Borg Oral Sex He’ll Never Forget still provides easy to follow step by step directions that anyone will find useful. The book is probably best for those readers that lack confidence in their skills in this area, and provides the right information and techniques you need to be the best you can in giving him oral sex. But it certainly can’t hurt to put your lips on what you think you might know!

Overall, Oral Sex He’ll Never Forget, is a great book that has been designed to spice up your sex life. The ideas that are presented are adventurous, fun and creative, and enjoyable to perform on your man. By following  this book I have no doubt you will be the mistress of his domain!

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