Sadie Allison Tickle Your Fancy Review


Sadie Allison Tickle Your Fancy – A self-Pleasuring Handbook to Help You Take Control of Your Own Sexuality!

Sadie Allison Tickle Your Fancy ReviewSadie Allison Tickle Your Fancy is little gem of a book that should be essential reading for any women that wants to become more sexually empowered, and in touch with the essence of what it means to be a sexually enlightened woman. While perfect for women alone, it also teaches lovers new tricks for pleasing their partners.

Sadie Allison Tickle Your Fancy is filled with practical self-pleasuring techniques to set the reader well off into a journey of orgasmic bliss. A lot of women that I know who regularly pleasure themselves will admit to a very repetitive and mundane ritual, but this book will open your eyes to new ways on how to pleasure yourself while achieving a multiple variety of orgasms.

The book itself is very easy reading with well written, well illustrated, enjoyable and entertaining information designed to reassure women of their right to self-pleasure. The first half of Sadie Allison Tickle Your Fancy deals with the general background and preparation of self-pleasure such as anatomy, exercise, and grooming, while the second half covers the more physical aspects such as different pleasuring techniques, the use of sex toys, etc…

Inside Sadie Allison Tickle Your Fancy, the author provides several clitoral stimulation methods, such as up-and-down, side-to-side, three-finger stroking, massaging and tapping, just to name but a few. She also highlights the G-spot, and even provides a diagram on how to find it and explore it with your fingers. The author also explains how to use vibrators and various sex toys, and how to apply them to one’s button, along with other versions designed to stimulate the G-spot directly. Thank you Sadie!

An area where I feel Sadie could have provided more information is in the area of fantasizing. Although she covers it briefly, she deals mainly with the physical aspects of self-pleasuring, rather than highlighting the emotional role that fantasies play in our sensual excitement. In my opinion self-pleasure and fantasies go hand-in-hand, and I’m sure that many women might need some encouragement in this latter area as well.

In summary, Sadie Allison Tickle Your Fancy is a great road map for understanding the female’s body. This book really expanded my own knowledge on the G-spot, different ways to pleasure myself, and for the variety of sex toys that are currently available.

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