Sadie Allison Tickle His Pickle Review


Sadie Allison Tickle His Pickle – A Great ‘How To’ Book That Will Help You Learn How to be an Expert at Pleasing Your Man’s Manhood!

Sadie Allison Tickle His Pickle  Review World renowned sex educator and author, Sadie Alison, has delivered the goods again with this incredible penis instruction manual for women – Sadie Allison Tickle His Pickle: Your Hands-On Guide to Penis Pleasing. I tried to find this book for almost two long weeks, and every bookstore that I went to, the story was the same – “Sorry this is one of our most popular books and we’ve sold out.”

And that’s all for a very good reason.

Sadie Allison Tickle His Pickle provides women of all levels of experience with the most useful and practical instructions you will find on the subject that will make your man want to worship you. It’s full of facts, techniques and great advice for pleasuring your man’s penis, while at the same time giving you enough confidence to satisfy yourself.

In Sadie Allison Tickle His Pickle here are ten dedicated chapters in the book with funny illustrations throughout to visualize exactly what the author is trying to explain. It’s actually quite an amusing book to read, and I couldn’t help finding myself having a chuckle while I was reading it. Believe it or not, but there’s actually a ‘dick-tionary’ with definitions and terms associated with the penis. Love it!

One of the best things that the author suggests is to talk about sex with your man. She advises finding out from him what it is exactly that he likes in the pleasuring of his penis, as not every man is the same when it comes to this. We wrote a similar article about pleasuring women: Sexual Pleasure Discover – The Clitoris, and the same inquisitive principles apply here as too.

Sadie Allison Tickle His Pickle gives over 50 techniques and great advice for giving blow jobs, hand jobs, stimulating the male g-spot and other pleasure zones, and what you should do to him if he can’t get it up. It also provides all those little secrets us women have been gagging to know about the male penis (pun intended)! Again, she does this all in such a marvelously entertaining way that is 100% straight up and practical too.

I already wrote a review about one of Sadie Allision’s other books: Ride ‘Em Cowgirl: Sex Position Secrets For Better Bucking, and for those of you girls that bough it, you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say this author knows her stuff.

And although I’m a female with a fair few years of experience under my belt in the pleasuring of a man’s domain, I still think Sadie Allison Tickle His Pickle is a great read for any girl that wants a better sex life with her man. There’s always room for improvement, and this book will serve that purpose exactly. Possibly even tonight! So get it while you can!

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