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Sadie Allison Ride Em Cowgirl – Do You Want Better Sex?

Sadie Allison Ride Em Cowgirl ReviewIf so, then this is going to be the book for you! Sadie Allison Ride Em Cowgirl: Sex Positions Secrets For Better Bucking, is a perfect combination of useful sex advice with illustrations of positions to follow. It’s written in a fun and humorous way, but is sexy at the same time. And most importantly, the positions that are introduced all work well do deliver the thing we love most – Orgasms!

Sometimes, and after a while, stock standard run-of-the-mill type sex positions can get the better of us, and our partners, in the bedroom. Sex becomes very predictable and the whole element of hot steamy love-making seems to get thrown out the window. The secret remedy lies in being able to introduce new sex positions into the equation. That’s entirely where reading Sadie Allison Ride Em Cowgirl helps.

After having used the book regularly with my partner over the past month, we haven’t yet found a sexual position that we haven’t been able to pull off, or one that we didn’t find enjoyable. Most of the positions are very straightforward to achieve and make complete sense when you look at the illustrations. In fact, I wonder how we could have possibly overlooked a lot of them, as they are actually quite commonsense and are slight variations to more traditional sex positions.

All in all there are about 100 black and white illustrated sex positions covered throughout the book. My only slight criticism would be that some of the positions don’t have the clearest explanation of how to fully pull them off, and when there is only one picture per position that doesn’t go through the whole motion of movements it can be a little confusing. But putting that aside, my sex life has certainly been turned up a notch as a result of owning this book. There are many positions that I never even knew about and they all work exceptionally well at delivering better orgasms.

Overall, Sadie Allison Ride Em Cowgirl is a very playful and enjoyable sex position guide. It’s an empowering hands-on manual that will inspire new intimacy and is sure to satisfy even the most discerning and experienced reader’s desire for better sex and pleasure.

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