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The We Vibe 3 – Why This New Toy Has Raised The Bar

We Vibe 3 ReviewCouples sex toys are often a matter of taste and are not always the first thing you go for in a relationship. They can be daunting, complicated to use, and intrusive to the point where they hinder your enjoyment rather than enhance it. Let me tell you about the We Vibe 3, a device I recently bought that I feel goes against all the flaws to offer a fantastic experience and is a worthwhile purchase for couples and singles.

the we vibe 3 is a beautiful and powerful beast

Let’s start with the basic features of this toy. No great sex toy would be worth buying without some great vibration modes and power. Not only is the We Vibe 3 40% more powerful than others in the range, it has six modes – basic low and high vibes, wave, pulse, tease and “cha cha” – and runs on two “whisper quiet” motors. Additionally, the toy is easy to clean and it comes in three gorgeous metallic colors with a smooth finish that means you cannot help but run your fingers over it… and over numerous other body parts.

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the new we vibe 3 model outperforms its predecessors by miles

I bought this We Vibe 3 as a replacement for my We Vibe 2 – I’m sure it simply got old or I wore it out from over use. Either way, I’m glad I ended up with this new model because there are three fantastic new features that make this new device so much better than the last one, in fact I wish I had found this one sooner.

Firstly, instead of just being water resistant it is fully waterproof so now we can all enjoy its pleasure during a shower (either for one or for two), or as an even more relaxing bathing experience. Secondly, it comes with a new convenient charger/storage case that gives the toy 2 hours battery life. The case is brilliant because it is discrete enough that I have no problem leaving it out on the nightstand because nobody but me and my man can tell what it is. It’s like a naughty little secret out in the open and it makes it even more exciting. Finally, there is the new remote function – but we will discuss that properly later.

so why am i such a fan of the we vibe 3?

These additional functions make this toy much more convenient to use, and most importantly a lot more fun. I love the fact that it is rechargeable. Whenever I feel like a quick thrill with my vibrator it is right there waiting for me, ready to do my bidding. No more hunting around in the drawers for some spare batteries or sneakily stealing them out of the remote, all that rummaging really does take the fun and spontaneity out of the moment.

I also love that despite the upgrade on the functions and accessories, the basic shape and design of the toy has stayed the same. I have not found a similar vibrator that feels as good as a We Vibe 3. It has a perfectly formed ergonomic shape and feels perfect against the skin. The soft silicone feels great as it stimulates internally and externally and provides a fantastic all over sensation. Put simply, I couldn’t really ask for more from it!

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We Vibe 3 Reviewwhy is the remote such a special feature?

Back to the remote. There is a reason why this feature has been left until now and that is because of my partner. You see, this toy is not just great for individual pleasure, but it is also designed to be used as a couples massager, which means my partner has been been enjoying it as much as I have! Sharing and enjoying this toy together is easy with the We Vibe 3, because its slim figure accommodates your partner easily – no matter what size he is – and the sensations it provides are so intense and pleasurable that it make sex even more enjoyable for the both of you.

My partner is not the only one that appreciates the power of the We Vibe 3, as it has been rated as one of the best sex toys around by Men’s Health, and many other men claim that the device helps them stay harder for longer. The main reason my man loves the remote is that he loves being able to take control of my pleasure so that I am at his mercy. While this is ideal for adding an extra element of fun to foreplay, be careful because he might just get a bit power-mad and enjoy using it too much … if there is such a thing as too much.

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the we vibe 3 is not completely perfect – but it is pretty close

While there are many reasons why people will thoroughly enjoy using this new toy, there are a few negative factors that people should bear in mind. For a start, if you particularly enjoyed the numerous and varied vibration settings of the We Vibe 2 then you may be slightly disappointed because the new model is a little more limited. Instead of the previous nine settings the We Vibe 3 now just has six. Secondly, although the silicone is soft and the device is accommodating, it is worth making sure you have plenty of lube at hand to make things a little bit easier. Other than that, this sexy little device has a lot of positives going for it and there really isn’t all that much to complain about.

the we vibe 3 could be the answer you are looking for

So there you have my personal review of this new We Vibe 3 vibrator. Couples toys may not be to everyone’s liking but with the reviews from male users and the many perks for us girls too, this device could be the one to change people’s minds. Not only is it an ideal toy for you both, it is a definite improvement on the previous model so even fans of the brand and style will have something new to enjoy. In short, this is a sensual, attractive vibrator that can be enjoyed by everyone and is highly recommended.

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