Lelo Tiani 2 Massager Review


Lelo Tiani 2 – An Exciting Couples Toy Designed to Shake Up Your Sex Life

Lelo Tiani 2 Massager ReviewCouples massagers like the Lelo Tiani 2 can be a great addition in the bedroom for added stimulation and a more playful experience with your partner. Recently I tried the Lelo Tiani 2 which is the latest in a line of such devices by Swedish pleasure toy maker Lelo. It boasts impressive technology and claimed to be satisfying for both me and my partner. After giving the toy a through testing, this is what is discovered.

the lelo tiani 2 is a multifunctional sex toy

My first impressions of this couples massager were that this is clearly a toy with a female bias because it is designed to be worn by women but enjoyed by both parties. Personally I have experienced just as much pleasure from the Lelo Tiani 2 when using her on my own as I have with my partner, because the vibrations and clitoral stimulation are so satisfying. This Lelo Tiani 2 is the improved version of the old, and even though this means a more powerful motor it is still reassuringly quiet.

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I had no problem trying out the Lelo Tiani 2 with my partner, however he was a little wary about adding this additional element to our love-making. It didn’t take too long for him to warm to the idea – thanks to the feel and flexibility of the silicone and the power of the sensations, and soon he was one asking to use it and suggesting new positions to try. It is also worth noting that this silicone is waterproof, for easy cleaning and underwater fun, and comes in black and purple as well as hot pink so there is no excuse for men to be put off from buying a colour that suits.

the benefits of a wireless remote

The idea of a sex toy with a wireless remote is perfect for us girls because we would all much rather lie back in comfort and enjoy the orgasm ride instead of having to keep fiddling between our legs with annoying buttons. Tiani 2 offers this luxury and I feel it makes a big difference to my level of enjoyment; this is particularly true during foreplay because it gives my partner the freedom to experiment without removing the toy or disrupting my fun.

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Lelo Tiani 2 Massager ReviewThe use of the Lelo Tiani 2 remote is especially advantageous during sex because you’re free to change the settings without worrying about having access to the massager. We have found that no matter what position we try we no longer have to interrupt intercourse and this has made the experience more relaxing and natural for us both. It has also made us more playful, teasing each other with the settings and fighting over the remote for control, and as a result the Tiani 2 has added a whole new dynamic to our sex life.

sensemotion vs manual controls

No review of the Lelo Tiani 2 would be complete without mentioning Lelo’s Sensemotion. The designers have decided to make things a little more interesting by adding an alternative to the standard, manual controls. Sensemotion lives up to its name, sensing the movement from your hand and wrist and transferring it into signals for the vibrator. It’s like the most intimate video game controller you can imagine. It brings a new, exciting twist to the fun and games and is enjoyable both during sex and when he is working his magic during foreplay – he will tease you like never before. I love it!

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This tactile nature does, however, lead to one of the Lelo Tiani 2’s flaws. Her moves and sensitivity make her an ideal partner for experienced couples but it takes a lot of trial and error to fully understand her controls – not that we minded the practice, but we found switching between the two modes and readjusting speeds and patterns slightly a bother. It does take a little bit of effort to get used to her.

my overall verdict

Given the rocky start to our relationship with Lelo Tiani 2, I was not expecting to write a recommendation that was so full of praise, however once we got to understand her better and perfected the movements we found that she was a brilliant addition to the bedroom and was able to add new, playful elements to our sex life. Having discovered the exciting power of Sensemotion, I feel I can no longer go back to boring old manual controls and buttons and I am certain that all couples, with some practice, will feel the same way about the Tiani 2 as we do. It will bring you and your partner closer together in the bedroom – the only issue will be who gets control of the remote.

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