Lascivious – Kitty – Suspender, Bra & Knickers – Review


Pure erotic elegance!

Lascivious is a British brand of luxurious female’s underwear that evokes passion for the aesthetics of sex appeal and sophistication in women, while delivering a sensual and modern design. The label is relatively new (only founded in 2004), but already it is synonymous with cutting-edge designs and is a fun and unique brand of lingerie, which sets out to empower and seduce. I find it very similar in design to the Agent Provocateur label, which is one of my favourites.

This lingerie set, the Lascivious Kitty Suspender, Bra and Knickers, are all so very sexy and compliment each other amazingly. Sure enough you don’t have to wear the whole three pieces, but girls let me tell you this – once your partner sees you dressed up in the suspenders attached to the knickers and with the cup-less bra, you may need to resuscitate him. Seriously. Talk about bringing sexy back! The set can be worn in the playful confines of closed doors, or they can comfortably be worn out to make you feel amazingly sexy.

The Lascivious Kitty suspender has a flattering voluminous tulle to accentuate your natural curves and is elegantly designed to make you look gorgeous while giving you the full freedom to play. The bra is covered with beautiful layers of black tulle ruffles and is finished with satin binding and a bow. Trust me, you will hardly even notice you are wearing this! With the knickers, the material again is a black satin mesh with ruffle trim, and it has a very sexy little black ribbon at the back.

It’s not the cheapest set of lingerie I have every owned, but if you can afford it, then go for it! Take some time to have a look at the other items in the Lascivious collection, because it’s definitely a label worth every dollar spent. Enjoy!

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