Bracli Pearl Thong Review


Bracli Pearl Thong – Sensual, Subtle, and Elegant, This Intimate Thong Will Rub You Up the Right Way!

Bracli Pearl Thong ReviewBrought to fame by Samantha, in Sex and the City, The Bracli Pearl Thong combines pearls and lingerie in one unique piece of intimate wear. Bracli’s specialty is in the design of classic style pearl lingerie, and as with all their other unique pieces, they will make you look fantastic as well as feel fantastically sexy.

The name Bracli comes from the Spanish words Braga (which means panties), and Cli (which is short for clitoris). A Spanish gentleman, as a sensual gift for his wife originally invented it, and when their private creation came up during conversation at a dinner party, it was suggested by one of the guests that they should sell the design in boutique lingerie stores. And today, the label is the biggest selling brand of its kind.

The Bracli Pearl Thong is hand made in Spain from a gorgeous soft French stretch lace combined with genuine cultured pearls from the Mallorcan Island, and combined together they form a stunningly sophisticated piece of designer lingerie. The pearls run all of the way from the front of the thong through to the back, and as you could imagine the feeling of the pearls moving gently over your clitoris creates an amazing sensation.

On first sight of opening the gift box, I must admit that I was a little uncertain with what I was looking at. The Bracli Pearl Thong seemed like a bit of an awkward piece of lingerie. I was also doubtful as to whether or not the pearls would give me more discomfort than pleasure. But being the open-minded person that I am, I decided to wear it out on a hot night under my dress with my man and give it a try.

Oh my! I remember ever so well that very first sensation of the pearls delicately rolling between my legs over my clitoris. It created some sensations that are beyond description – I even found myself at dinner continuously moving back and forth in my chair to get the pearls rubbing me more and more in the right spot. It will definitely give you hours of foreplay without the need to lift even a single finger. Let’s just say that my man got ravaged when we got home after dinner.

All in all, it is a masterpiece item of designer lingerie. And if you appreciate true luxury and elegance in the form of lingerie that will also bring you sexual pleasure with a small amount of risk attached to it, then the Bracli Pearl Thong is definitely for you. It’s a must have addition to any sensual collection of intimate wear.

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