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Lelo Personal Moisturizer – A Personal Lubricant That Enhances the Enjoyment and Comfort of Sexual Pleasures!

Lelo Personal Moisturizer ReviewThe Lelo Personal Moisturizer packaging is simply divine. It comes in a stunning black box that has a gorgeous high quality bottle that looks more like luxury perfume than a personal lubricant/moisturizer.

It has the distinguishable silver Lelo logo imprinted on the side of the bottle, which adds to that expensive look. You can confidently leave it on your bedside table without the risk of embarrassment of having a noticeable bottle of personal lubricant in view.

The Lelo Personal Moisturizer itself is quite versatile and serves two purposes – it can be used as either a subtle body moisturizer, or it can be used as a personal lubricant. I dare say that most of the users out there would be using it for personal lubricant, however.

As a personal lubricant, well I can’t honestly say that it is the best one that I have used. It’s not bad, it’s just not the best. Something like Kama Sutra Love Liquid I found to be much better than this one.

The lubricant is water-water based, paraben-free, glycerin-free and unscented which are all good, and it can be used on all skin types. Being water based, it’s also the perfect accompaniment to your favorite Lelo sex toys.

Once the Lelo Personal Moisturizer lubricant is applied and rubbed in, it has a fantastically smooth and slippery feel to it. If you engage in penetration soon after applying it, then it will adequately do what it’s intended to do. My big problem with it is, that after an extended session of self-pleasuring or lovemaking, the lube tends to dry out rater quickly.

While it does lubricate a relatively large area from a small application, it will go completely dry after about five minutes, which is not a long amount of time when you are laying back enjoying yourself. This means that the lubricant usually needs to re-applied often.

So, would I recommend it? Well, yes I would. It does what it’s supposed to do and it is a very sexy bottle that I like to have next to my bed. I use it with my sex toys, but use the Kama Sutra Love Liquid during intercourse, because it lasts much longer.

One word of of advice though, Lelo Personal Moisturizer is not the most pleasant tasting of lubricants (most aren’t), so be careful not to get a mouthful of it.

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