Lelo Flickering Touch Massage Oil Review


Lelo Flickering Touch Massage Oil – Gives a Decadent and Luxurious Golden Touch!

Lelo Flickering Touch Massage Oil ReviewLelo Flickering Touch Massage Oil is everything that you would expect from luxury sex toy manufacturer Lelo.

I bought the delicious Fresh Lily and Musk Scent, but it’s also available in Spicy Clove and Amber and Balsam Fir & Bergamot. I choose this one because it has a rich and seductive scent to it that’s appealing to both the male and female senses, which is simply perfect for use during lovemaking!

The packaging and the sexy black bottle that the massage oil comes in is very stylish and decadent, and I like to leave it right next to my Lelo Personal Moisturizer/Lubricant on my bedside – which is also of a very similar design. The bottle has a colored acrylic ring over the top of it, which prevents it from being pressed while travelling with it.

Lelo Flickering Touch Massage Oil can be used as a subtle massage oil during foreplay and other sensual moments, or it can be used solely as a refreshing after shower moisturizer by applying it gently over your body as soon as you step out. Either way, it delicately absorbs into your skin leaving you with a non-greasy but well nourished and luxurious feeling.

Interestingly, the massage oil contains 24-carat gold flakes, which when rubbed into your skin with your hands leaves a gorgeous light gold glimmer. If you have a darker tone you probably won’t notice this though.

On top of the gold flakes, its other key ingredients are apricot kernel oil, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, perfume, and other ingredients that are completely non-toxic and safe for your skin and body.

One thing to realize though – it’s an oil made exclusively for massage and shouldn’t be used as a personal lubricant.

As well as adding an element of designer chic to your bedroom, Lelo Flickering Touch Massage Oil is an affordable luxury item that works at what it is supposed to do – moisturizing your skin while subtle fragrances excite your senses for the pleasures that lie ahead.

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