Lelo Boa Pleasure Ties Review


Lelo Boa Pleasure Ties – These Silk Pleasure Restraints Offer a New Approach to Sensual Teasing!

Lelo Boa Pleasure Ties ReviewLelo is by far one of my favorite sex toy brands out there, from their beautifully designed and highly pleasurable vibrators, straight through to their highly versatile accessories, or maybe I should be calling them ‘Sexessories’. With Lelo, it’s all about their attention to the finer details, and these naughty Lelo Boa Pleasure Ties are no exception at all.

As with all Lelo products, the experience starts with the gorgeous Lelo packaging. After taking the lid off the box in anticipation, I found the ties all beautifully wrapped up and presented in soft tissue paper.

Peeling back the wrapping paper revealed the passionate cherry red colored ties, and I immediately felt my mind drifting off with the thoughts of what naughty sexual adventures I was about to get myself into with them.

The Lelo Boa PleasureTies are made with 100% high quality silk, and come with some minor suede detailing, both of which feel absolutely exquisite when tied up against the naked skin. At one end of each tie is a polished chrome ring, which is used to fasten the ties with. Other colors that are available to choose from include a sexy deep purple and a mysterious dark black.

The Lelo Boa Pleasure Ties can be used for sensual bondage restraint, such as tying around the wrists or ankles. And if this sort of sexual activity is new to you, then you may as well be tied up in style with a luscious product from a high-end designer sex toy brand! Don’t worry though, as far as bondage goes, they provide just the right amount of restraint to allow the wearer not to feel trapped or too secured beyond control.

While the more seasoned bondage and BDSM users may not find the Lelo Boa Pleasure Ties quite as useful for their purposes, they are perfect for beginners who are a little curious and up for some light and exciting bedroom play. And the soft and delicate silk feel of the ties against the skin gives them a perfect dimension for allowing yourself to surrender away in reassurance while losing control to some sensual bliss.

So the next time you want to spice up your bedroom adventures and try out a little experimentation, get your hands into a pair of these Lelo Boa Pleasure Ties and live out your ultimate fantasies. Enjoy!

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