Kama Sutra Love Liquid Lubricant Review


Kama Sutra Love Liquid – A Smooth and Silky Personal Lubricant That is Essential for Lovemaking!

Kama Sutra Liquid Love Lubricant ReviewWell, not really. You don’t have to include Kama Sutra Love Liquid lubricant in lovemaking, unless of course you have a tendency to dry up quickly downstairs, in which case it is needed. I use lubricants occasionally during long lovemaking sessions, and I’ve tried out most of the brands available, and most are pretty bad at what they do.

But Kama Sutra Love Liquid is a different story completely. They have a good reputation for producing dermatology-tested lubricants that are safe for the body while providing maximum added pleasure during sex.

Kama Sutra Love Liquid is superior in its own way, in that it’s Kama Sutra’s most water-based lubricant, compared to the other silicone based ones. And as the card that comes with this lubricant says it’s; “Designed with the sensitive tissues of a woman in mind.”

When it’s applied to the skin you quickly notice the lovely texture of the lube. It has a nice silky smooth feel to it and doesn’t get sticky on your fingers, which can be really annoying when you spread it everywhere. It’s probably not as thick as some other brands I’ve tried and prefer, but that’s just a personal preference.

The application is light feeling and lasts for a good amount of time before it starts to dry up a little. But since it’s water-based, you’ll find that the need to reapply it sooner than as silicone based lubricant.

Just a quick word of warning, I wouldn’t use this lubricant while performing oral sex, because it is unflavored and doesn’t have a very nice taste to it. Also, if you attempt to use it for ‘back door’ sex, you’ll also probably want to skip this one and reach for a silicone-based lubricant instead.

All in all, it’s a good everyday water-based type lubricant for those women that need it. And there’s no doubt that Kama Sutra Love Liquid leads the way in this aid to sensuous lovemaking. It will keep you feeling slippery smooth all through the night.

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