Jimmyjane Afterglow Massage Oil Candle Review


Jimmyjane Afterglow – A sensual Mood Setting and Massage Treat!

Jimmyjane Afterglow Massage Oil Candle is the perfect tool to create a seductive, scented atmosphere, with an unforgettable massage.  It is formulated to melt at a low temperature for up to 42 hours, and to moisturize your skin during massage. It is also lightly scented to add to those moments of pleasure that you share with your partner (or yourself).

Sensuality in love-making is a part of our lives that should never be overlooked. Sometimes the most memorable moments are the ones where we allow ourselves to fully indulge in sensory pleasures with a lover, and sharing wonderful intimacy which brings us into a relaxed and fulfilling state of bliss.

I was impressed from the start when I opened up the packaging. Once I lifted up the flap to the box, it I was welcomed with a red background with white letters saying “Melt Me”.

The candle itself comes housed in a thick frosted glass container in the form of a cube. There is a company branded match box, and a small applicator brush to apply the melted wax. Once you lift the lid of the candle casing, you immediately notice the wonderful dark vanilla scent. The smell is just divine. There are also other available selections of scents which I’m yet to try.

The instructions suggest burning the candle for at least 30 minutes so that there is enough melted oil to use for the massage.  In a dimly lit room, with some relaxing music playing in the background, and perhaps even a nice glass of red wine, just the soft light of the flame of the candle and the sensuous scent in itself, is enough to put you and your partner in the mood for love making.  After the candle has melted for the desired time, it’s then ready to be used for massage.

If you are worried that the heat of the melted wax will be too hot to pour over skin, well then don’t be. Because of the ingredients used in the candle, it heats up to a comfortable temperature so that it can easily be applied or poured over skin without being too hot.

It actually provides a pleasant amount of soft warmth to the skin, and this alone helps in getting you into the right sexual mood. When I use it, I like my partner to brush the soft bristles with the oil on the inside of my thighs and then slowly massage from my knees all the way up. The oil seems to get slowly absorbed into my skin and leaves a gorgeous super soft feeling.

There is no greasy residue to worry about, and once it’s rubbed in it almost feels like you have had a hydrating moisturizer applied to your body. The delicious vanilla scent also stays behind, leaving a soothing feeling behind.

My only complaint is with the brush that comes with the candle. After a little while the oil begins to harden on the bristles of the brush and it starts to gunk up. It’s not too much of a problem though, because I actually prefer to have the soft molten oil poured over me. Clean up is simple. The oil from the candle is paraffin free and easily washes of your body with warm soapy water, as does the brush that comes with it.

Overall, Jimmyjane Afterglow Massage Candle is a luxuriously indulgent treat. It smells wonderful, feels smooth and sensual along the skin, and sets the perfect mood for those sexy moments. What follows after the massage, I will leave to your own imagination…


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