Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 Unisex Perfume Review


Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 Perfume – This is the Most Alluring Unisex Scent Ever Made!

Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 Perfume ReviewAnd it has the price tag to match… I obsessed over this perfume for months. Escentric Molecules Molecule 01, is part of an exciting news series of fragrances that has revolutionized the perfume world through its radical simplicity.

You don’t want to know the price, trust me.

The perfume maker has designed Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 with a highly concentrated chemical called Iso E Super. This combined with other scents of lime, pepper, and incense, make it an amazingly seductive and alluring perfume.

Unlike other traditional perfumes which are equally balanced through the top, middle and base scents, this Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 formula quickly evaporates the top note scent and lasts for hours on the sensuous base notes, leaving comforting woody and musky fragrances.

I don’t know  whether it’s just the smell of it, or if the Iso E Super does in fact react with your pheromones, but what I do know is that every time my partner smells it on me it makes him super horny, and vice versa! Strangely enough, it has made other males (and females) ask me about what it was that I was wearing when in their vicinity. I’ve had both sexes tell me that the scent I’m wearing is completely addictive and sexy.

There is just something stimulating and sexual about it. I even find that when a spray a little onto my wrist, I just get all those little thrills of pleasure when you indulge in something. You know the ones…

It is a perfectly unisex scent and a fun fragrance just ideal for the heat and those long sexy summer nights. You’ll be tempted to douse yourself with this, put in your sexiest skirt and heals and strut your stuff away. It’s always amazing to smell a perfume that blows you away the first time you smell it, and this scent quite simply AMAZING. Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 is electrifying! Definitely a must buy. Enjoy!

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