Agent Provocateur Maitresse Perfume Review


Agent Provocateur Maitresse Perfume – The Sexy Scent of Seduction!

Agent Provocateur Maitresse Perfume

Agent Provocateur Maitresse perfume is an intoxicating fragrance from the sexy British lingerie fashion label Agent Provocateur. It’s sure to set the stage for some serious seducing of the opposite sex.

In fact, I only just recently purchased a small bottle of this, and I’ve already had several people ask me what I’m wearing. I’ve even had men walk past me on the street and stop me to ask what fragrance it is. So, if you want a nice boost to your self-confidence, then this should work quite nicely.

Maitresse, which stands for lover in French, is more of a grown up scent that is sophisticated and sexy, and it’s definitely best suited for women that have a well-developed sense of style and self. So what exactly does Agent Provocateur Maitresse perfume smell like? Well, it contains an irresistible secret weapon – the deliciously sweet scent of seduction based on aldehydes. The base scent notes are lotus blossoms with delicate nuances of ylang ylang and violet, and then lead into a more floral and then woody musk note.

On first application I did find that it came across as a little overpowering, but give it time to develop, as quite literally Agent Provocateur Maitresse Perfume will blossom into an indulgent and empowering scent.

One thing that I really noticed about it is the length of time that Agent Provocateur Maitresse Perfume lasts, and just a few sprays of it early into the evening is all you will need. Just watch it develop into the night and see the reactions you get!

Overall, there are certainly other fragrances that do it for me much more than this one, but Agent Provocateur Maitresse perfume is definitely is one of the most sexy fragrances that I have had the pleasure in wearing for some time. Enjoy!

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