Welcome to Females Pleasure! My name is Aimee and I hope that you enjoy my site.

As you would have noticed in our logo: “A Sensual Approach To Sexual Empowerment & Enlightenment,“ this is the essence of our philosophy here at Females Pleasure. We believe that sexuality and intimacy should be celebrated in a sensual way, and indulged in, to bring about pleasure of all of the senses.

Our underlying philosophy is one that has arisen out of a demand from females for resources devoted to the topics of sex, pleasure, and sensuality, while discussing them in a pleasant and enjoyable way.

This is a philosophy that is inherently different from that which has often gone on before, and that which still exists in many places, as it moves away from the dominant and often degrading male approach to sex and sexuality, and instead moves towards a more sensual feminine approach.

And in doing so, we also aim to remove the guilt and often negative connotations that are commonly associated with women in their expression of lust, sex and pleasure.

Sexual pleasure, especially sexual fulfillment, is an important part of our lives. And women want to be able to enjoy sex, and now understand more than ever how to make sure they achieve sexual fulfillment from their partners, or however else it is they choose to seek such pleasures.

Our aim is to empower women with the knowledge and resources to get in touch with their sexuality – we do this through our Reviews, Articles, and Forum sections. Each section is about empowering women (and men) with the knowledge and means to achieve fulfillment in all areas of their sexuality.

Our Reviews section is about products of the higher quality end. Our reviews of Luxury Toys, Intimate Wear, Sensual Books, and Accessories, are all quality, unbiased, and honest reviews on what we feel are the best products available, from our own experiences.

The Articles section is a collection of invaluable topics, education and resources for women, men, and couples seeking to enhance their experience of sex and pleasure.

And finally, our Females Pleasure Forum is a place where women (and men) can turn to for guidance and seek to have their intimate questions answered on the issues of sex, pleasure, and sexuality.

It’s our pleasure to bring you pleasure!

Females Pleasure