Roy Valentine The System How To Get Laid Today Review


Roy Valentine The System How To Get Laid Today – Helps You Get Women Into Bed!

Roy Valentine The System ReviewI’ve never felt that any guy should need to read a book to be able to get a woman into bed, but after reading Roy Valentine’s The System, I strongly feel that the author deserves some credit.

Although misogynistic is the first word that came to mind when I started reading this book, I was quick to change my perspective the further I read. Yes, the book does teach men how to pick up women and have sex with them, however he outlays his system in a completely respectful way.

The author portrays women as being enlightened and intellectual individuals who are more than capable of making up their own minds with regards to their own sexuality, and their choices.

In many ways a lot of the information in this book is right on the money, and I have no doubt that it will be a useful resource for many men in meeting and ‘scoring’ with women. Probably the part that will have the most impact is the information on eye contact and body language.

Most men are really walking around blind when it comes to eye contact from women and completely oblivious to their signals.

This book will explain to your typical man how to look out for eye signals, get confirmation of eye signals, and then proceed through a number of easy to remember steps into conversation which will lead to sleeping with the desired woman.

On that topic, another book that explains eye contact and body language amazingly well is: Undercover Sex Signals by Leil Lowndes. It’s the perfect companion to this book, and when used together will reap amazing results.

Some of the clues that women give off will be obvious, but others you will have never noticed or ever thought of.  By understanding the clues and body language that women give off, it will at least provide you with greater certainty and confidence to be able to approach and engage them.

The information in the book is not manipulative or full of sleazy pick up lines or fake techniques, instead it encourages men to first make an emotional connection with women verbally, and then take things from there. This is actually what any decent guy should be doing in the first place!

A lot of the book is common sense, at least from what I’ve been told from a woman’s perspective, who also agreed that the information in this book will most certainly work.

If you read Roy Valentine’s The System How To Get Laid Today several times and follow the steps, you can literally go out with your new confidence and start having success with it immediately.

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