Lacking Interest in Sex? How to Get Your Libido Back!


Quite often, despite our partner’s best efforts to arouse us into the lead up to some intimate sexual moments together, it is possible that a low sexual libido can get the better of us, resulting in us turning our partner down. Such differences in sexual desire and the refusal of our partners can leave them feeling perplexed and rejected, and by not responding to their advances can lead to our partner’s doubts of self-image. More concernilyly, this can also be the grounds of ending an otherwise great relationship.

A low libido is a subject that can be full of shame and embarrassment for many men. And with the constant bombardment of sexual imagery that exists in our society, it’s not surprising that most men prefer to lock the problem up inside of themselves, instead of actively working towards ways of improvement with their partner.

Sex researchers and sex therapists both recognize that a low libido is one of the most common sexual problems that exist in a lack of sexual intercourse between couples. In fact, up to 25 percent of our population suffers from low libido. It’s hard to define exactly what a healthy number of sexual occurrences should be, but when two people that are in a sexual relationship are arguing about it, then there definitely is a problem that needs to be addressed. So how is it that so many men manage to suffer from a low libido?

Admittedly, it is perfectly normal not to always want sex or be in a constant state of sexual desire. And while a couple does share many things in their lives together, it’s often the case that when one person wants it, the other person doesn’t. This is completely natural. Everyday occurrences such as our jobs, careers, relationship/family problems, depression, fatigue, and our overall moods can easily distinguish any desire that we have for lovemaking. And quite ironically, even a partner complaining about not getting enough sex, can be the actual root of the problem in the first place.  So what solutions do we have?

A low sexual libido can often be successfully addressed and treated by taking a completely natural approach. Psychological causes of low libido such as stress, emotional issues, and past damaging experiences are often best treated by a sexologist or therapist. Such a psychological approach is an important solution as often the thoughts that are going on in one’s mind can negatively influence the desire for passion and lovemaking. A sexologist or therapist uses different forms of therapy to determine and potentially influence the thoughts about sex.

While there is no doubt that a sex therapist is one of the best approaches, instead I would like to focus on some less obvious, and natural approaches, that can make a big impact to getting your libido back. And what’s better, they are free and easy to achieve!

Look out for our discussion of these in the next article…

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