Sexercises For Women – Kegel Exercises


After your first Kegel workout, you’ll feel sexier already!

As promised, here is the next installment to Sexercises For Women – An Introduction. Here I will outline the most effective exercise method I’ve found to help intensify my orgasms. And as always, it’s important to not feel guilty about sex and the desire to want and improve one’s understanding of sex, orgasms, and overall sexual well-being. By following these exercises and practicing them frequently, there should be a notable and blissful improvement to pleasure in the bedroom.

Sexercises mainly focus on the strengthening of the pelvic or pubococcygeus (PC) muscles, and one of the best ways to do this is to practice Kegel exercises. For anyone that doesn’t know what the PC muscle is, it’s the muscle in the pelvic region that aids in urinary control and during childbirth, but it also contracts significantly during an orgasm.

The best way of initially discovering where the PC muscle is, is to stop and start the flow of urine when taking a pee. While you are relieving yourself, if you stop and start the flow of pee, you will begin to get a feel of the use of the PC muscle in action. This is the exact muscle that I’m talking about developing for greater orgasm control in the bedroom!

Many sex experts actually recommend the development of the PC muscle as a way of achieving, intensifying, prolonging and controlling greater sexual orgasm. And in my own practice of Kegel sexercises, I’ve found them to also have a significant rejuvenating effect. By increasing the flow of blood into this region, it’s like a wake up call to other parts of your body that are heavily involved in your sexual response.

Strengthening these muscles can lead to stronger sensations during arousal, and while squeezing these muscles during sex while your partner is inside of you, can actually lead to greater and multiple orgasms. My partner has also shown me that by frequently practicing the male version of Kegel exercises, he can actually almost fully control his own orgasm and make himself last much longer in the bedroom. Thank you Mr Kegel!!

So Let’s Get Started

Once you have identified how to contract your PC muscle, ensure your bladder is not full, then either lie or sit down somewhere comfortable. Start with a quick series of Kegel contractions. Contract the PC muscle about 10 times, at the rate of about 1 contraction (or squeeze) of the muscle per second. It will feel strange at first, but try to keep going all the way to 10 as anything less will have minimal impact.

Remember to always breath and not hold your breath. Instead, just relax and breathe freely, while focusing on tightening the muscles around your vagina and rectum. If it ever feels uncomfortable, then simply stop and try it another time. The goal here is to be able to do three sessions daily of about 10 contractions per session comfortably, before moving on to more focused Kegel sexercises.

More Focused Kegel Exercises

Focused Kegel exercises require a longer contracting hold of the PC muscle. Instead of doing one squeeze of the muscle per second, the challenge is now to do one squeeze and hold it for three seconds. After the three seconds hold then you relax for three seconds. Try to do this for 10 contractions three times a day. When you are comfortably doing it at this level, the new challenge will be to try and perfect the technique.

Perfect The Technique

After three daily sessions of 10 contractions with three second holds is reached, and then on a week-by-week basis (and please be patient because it will take some time), eventually look at doing four second holds, five second holds, six second holds, and so on so forth, until holds of 10 seconds are comfortable. It’s at this point where orgasm mastery can be achieved. And once at this level, a daily routine of 10 contractions with at least three second holds, three times a day, should be enough to keep your PC muscle in shape.

In the next installment, we will look at how Kegel exercises can be utilized in the bedroom with actual physical sexercises with your partner in order to bring about heightened sexual pleasure and climax. Enjoy!

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