Lelo Vibrators – The Best Money Can Buy


Lelo Vibrators – A Sensual Combination of Fashion, Femininity, Quality and Design.

Lelo Vibrators - The Best Vibrators

Gone are the days of shopping in dingy lit stores hidden down lane ways for hideous flesh-colored rubbery phallic shaped dildos and vibrators, as now a new wave of beautiful designer pleasure toys has defiantly taken over the female’s pleasure market.

The new breed of sexual pleasure toys are now more likely to be found as gifts between girlfriends, as wedding presents, and they are even making their way into mainstream department and retail stores.

Without a doubt, the best of the luxury sex toy manufacturers is Sweden’s very own Lelo, a specialty sex toy designer with a distinct philosophy and unsurpassable brand profile. If a Mercedes-Benz of sex toys existed, then Lelo would be the standout winner.

Lelo originally started by manufacturing stylishly designed personal massagers, or vibrators, but has since branched out dramatically and now offers almost everything from cosmetics through to sexy lingerie and lounge wear.

The most noticeable thing about the brand Lelo is the quality of their products. But with such quality also comes a premium price tag. The rationale is that Lelo’s high quality sex toys are so well researched and exceptionally made to provide the most amazing experience for the user, that their cost is justified. Hmm, I’m not sure about the $7,000 Lelo Inez though!

I can however, vouch for those amazing experiences with my three personal favorite Lelo vibrators: the Lelo Insignia Soraya; the Lelo Ina; and the Lelo Lily. To put it simply, these three vibrators, as with all Lelo vibrators, are made for women who want their vibrators and orgasms to last a lifetime.

As featured in many leading female publications, Lelo prides itself on the sheer quality and luxurious design of their products. Their distinct philosophy defines their leading edge from that of competitors by following these five characteristics: aesthetics, quality, ergonomics, function, and packaging.

As for aesthetics, well, all of Lelo vibrators are petite in size, assuring absolute discretion to the user, as opposed to the more standard vibrators that exist. Packaging is always perfect, so much so that it’s almost like a special gift-wrapped up when you receive it – very feminine and sensual in design.

As far as ergonomics go, Lelo vibrators have been developed with the female body in mind, and that combined with female pleasures and desires, have resulted in sex toys that are perfectly made for every contour of the female body.

In terms of design, Lelo vibrators have been engineered to perfection with their shapes and designs that work in conjunction to the female form evoking completely pleasurable sensations. Simply put, Lelo vibrators are the perfect fit and oh so easy and effective to use.

If you need a more help on choosing a vibrator, make sure you read our guide on How To Choose The Best Vibrator – A Guide For Women. Of course, I can also personally answer any questions in the Females Pleasure Forum.

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