Is He Stringing You Along In Your Relationship?


Relationship advice for women who have a man that has commitment phobia.

Do you ever get the feeling that he’s just stringing you along in your relationship, and won’t give you the commitment from him that you deserve? If you are, then you’re not alone. It’s happened to a lot of us, so don’t despair. Instead try to understand how you can best address this relationship issue with him. This guide should give you an idea of how to best approach the topic.

Even though you know that he has a lot of great feelings for you, because he shows that to you, you still want a relationship from him that shows more commitment on his side. It’s even possible that there is something that sits in the back of your mind that tells you he is treating you unfairly, and that you just seem to fit into his life like when it most suits him. If you do have that feeling, then there is a very good possibility that he feels insecure about himself, and what it is that he wants out of life, so he just keeps you there to make him feel better about himself. I know it sounds harsh, but he may be keeping you there as ‘back-up’ if he doesn’t find someone better.

It’s best to tell your partner about your concerns, and what it is that you want out of your relationship with him. Tell him to be honest with you about what it is that he wants out of the relationship and where he sees the two of you headed together. And as hard as this is going to sound, you may need to be prepared to accept that what he wants is not the same thing that you want. But that’s the reality of life and relationships, so don’t be afraid.

By bringing in honesty into the picture, it is going to be a whole lot easier for you to head in the right direction and seek what it is that you deserve from another person in a relationship.  Be honest with yourself first and foremost. Happiness and pleasure in relationships are not all about give, give, give, but with no return. A couple has to make compromises to satisfy and please each other. And if two people are truly and mutually in love, then this should not be a hard thing to achieve.

But if the feelings are not mutual, then you need to make a decision to do the best thing for you. You may decide to save your relationship by being understanding and accommodating of his behaviour, and as long as you feel there is no malicious intent on his side then it can work out. It’s even possible that all the relationship needs is some nurturing, and a talk like this might put things back into perspective for the two of you. It’s also possible that he is a little self-centered (men often are), and you’ll therefore need to voice yourself more often so he hears your point of view. But if you have that intuitive feeling that you are being taken for a ride, then there is a strong chance that you are.

And if that is the case, then I am sorry, but you should not be sparing your feelings, emotions, and well being for the sake of his own. That type of thing is just unhealthy and unfair on yourself, and will only lead to relationship issues down the track that you will regret. You have every right to know if he is in the relationship with you in the same deep way as you are with him.

Whatever the outcome, always remember to be true to yourself, be true to your own feelings, because if you aren’t then nobody else is going to be. If you want more relationship advice, feel free to ask me anonymously in the Females Pleasure forum.

Kisses! xoxo

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