How To Tell If He Likes You


Look for these signs if you want to know if he really is into you.

How to tell if he likes you? Picture this – you may have found yourself newly dating a guy that has seemingly come out of nowhere and swept you off your feet. You do like him, you might even like him a lot. And often at this early stage of interactions with him, there is a strong desire to want to know how he feels, the urge to know if he is that into you as you are him.

But sometimes it can all be a little too embarrassing to just ask him outright like that. After all, you don’t want to seem as though you are coming across with too much enthusiasm for committing to an exclusive relationship, not so soon anyway. So how can you tell if a guy likes you?

Well, quite often you will be able to tell by how he behaves around you, rather than by what he says specifically. It’s important to realize that even despite a guy’s best intentions, most men are not all that good at telling you about how they feel.

And sometimes he may not know how to tell you how much he likes you for the same reasons that you don’t tell him. There are however several clear giveaway signs to look out for that will give you an idea if he really does like you:

• He flirts with you a lot and enjoys touching you sensually.

• You often catch him staring at you with a smile on his face.

• He gives you his undivided attention during conversation.

• He will go out of his way to initiate communication with you – texts, calls, emails, facebook posts on your profile, etc…

• He starts using similar words that you use, and even mirrors some of your mannerisms.

• He tries to make you laugh and asks if you are feeling ok if you seem down.

• He talks about doing activities together in the future and asks if you would like that.

• He remembers small details of what you said in previous conversations with him and brings them up later as a sign that you are important enough for him to remember them.

But in the world of men and dating, these signs may not all necessarily be what they seem. Some men are just very good with women and will consciously be aware of all of these things anyway.

That’s particularly the case with guys that are labeled as ‘players’. They know all about these signs, and because they are so good with women, it seems like they will promise the world to you, but only to leave you for the next attractive girl that walks into their life. So to avoid that from happening, and to find out if he really likes you, here are some even more powerful signs to look out for:

• He makes an effort to get to know who you really are as a person, he explores your mind, your needs, and does his best to understand you.

• He makes sacrifices to be with you, and plans time together.

• He would be happy to be in your company even if there was no sex involved.

• He introduces you to his friends and family members. He is happy to meet yours. This is a really big giveaway.

• He’s not afraid to open up to you emotionally and tell you about his own personal things – it means he is comfortable with you and trusts you.

• He tells you he loves you, and he means it.

• He can lovingly stare into your eyes without saying a word.

There are so many things that can be interpreted when asking the question: Does he like me? Every situation is different, and not all men are the same. But the above signs are pretty conclusive and should give you an idea that he does like you. It is a two way street though, and you need to give some of your own signs off to him in order to capture the same in return.

If you want more advice tips on how to tell if he likes you, and on men and dating in general, feel free to ask me anonymously in the Females Pleasure forum.

Kisses! xoxo

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