How To Talk Dirty


Have you ever wondered how to talk dirty to a guy in the bedroom?

Good. I’m glad you have, because I love to talk dirty in the bedroom, and I hope I can shed some light on the topic. I have found that the more sexually assertive I am in the bedroom, the more I can get exactly what I want from a sexual pleasure point of view. In addition to this, any girl that knows how to talk dirty will incite an unexplainable sexual fire in the loins of most men. You can take my word on that.

Dirty talk is a kind of secret that exists between you and your partner. In the bedroom one thing gets said, and outside of it another. Knowing what to say when talking dirty to your boyfriend or girlfriend can actually be one of the most important things in keeping the passion and intimacy alive in your relationship. The use of certain vivid and sexual words, along with the tonality and expression of your dirty talk, will be a very sexually empowering thing in itself.

Talking dirty in the bedroom will also lower sexual inhibitions and open up the doorway to a whole new world of possibilities. As you and your partner become more comfortable with dirty talk, you will become aware and learn things about each other that you once thought wasn’t possible.

How to talk dirty?

My advice is that if you are new to dirty talk then start out slowly. Maybe choose one or two sexy things that you want your partner to say or do. Make good strong sexy eye contact, then whisper in your partner’s ear what it is that you want. When you become more comfortable with the idea of talking dirty, you can just outright tell your partner out loud.

Your tonality will play a big part on how responsive your partner will be. Having a naughty and confident voice will be far more effective than having a shy and timid voice. It may seem like an embarrassing thing to do at first, but you will be quick to notice that by practicing dirty talk with an empowering and sexual tone will lead to more pleasurable times in the bedroom.

The whole point of dirty talk is to communicate your sexual needs. How is he meant to know you like being called a “dirty little sex kitten” if you don’t tell him? Once you get started with dirty talk, you will find that it really opens up your sexual communication with your partner, which in turn will really spice up your sex life. You both get what you want!

Talking dirty examples

One of the best places to get ideas of how to talk dirty is from erotic romance novels. If you pay attention to how the author says certain things that particularly turn you on while reading them, then this is something for you to consider. To be honest though, you probably won’t even need to go this far, because talking dirty should be about what you want there and then in the current moment – it’s just about being comfortable enough to express yourself.

If there is something that your partner does really well, then tell him what that thing does for you when he does it like that. Don’t be all shy here, simply say something like “I love it how you fu*k me like that, you sexy man.” Remember, talking dirty to your boyfriend doesn’t have to be overly sexually explicit language, but it can still be of sexual nature.

Here are some other talking dirty examples you could use:

“Your mouth feels so hot against my…”
“You sexy man, do you know what I really want?…”
“Tell me what you want your little sex kitten to do…”

At the end of the day, just use your imagination and come up with anything that expresses your true passions and desires. With a little practice the whole idea of talking dirty becomes easier and more comfortable. You will be surprised at how a few words at the right time will get you and your partner hot and ready for more. You and your partner will be happy with your efforts.

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