How to Kiss – French Kissing Tips to Make You Memorable


Smoking hot kissing tips that will create amazing sexual chemistry and passion!

Knowing how to French kiss is something which most people think they know how to do, but only a certain few do it really well.

Being a great French kisser can make all the difference when leaving a lasting impression with your partner. It will also usually tell you a lot about the sexual compatibility of your partner, and it is a key ingredient in maintaining an intimate relationship. So what is it exactly that makes somebody a great French kisser?

The following should serve as a useful guideline.

A French kiss if done the right way can be an amazing experience for those involved. And a great French kiss really comes from being passionate in how you kiss your partner – such passion comes from within and is truly reflection of your desire to be sensual with that person.

Essentially you want to tell your partner how much you want them expressed in the form of a kiss. You want to be able to lose yourself in the moment while communicating passion with your lips and your body.

A perfect French kiss also involves more than just the lips – such as running your hands through your partner’s hair, holding the back of their neck, and sensually caressing their face while kissing.

As for the best French kissing technique itself, well, there is isn’t a single way of doing it right, but these tips should definitely help:

• Tilt your head to one side and start slowly

• Do not ram your tongue down your partner’s throat! Instead gently dart the tip of your tongue over theirs instead

• Lock your tongue with your partner’s and keep licking and sucking it gently – then go back to kissing the lips again

• Vary the speed and intensity of how you kiss and don’t make it predictable – sometimes pause and hold lips together, sometimes kiss deeply and rapidly

• Gently bite and lick each other’s lips from time to time

• Look into your partner’s eyes from time to time

• Show that you are passionate with the rest of your body as well

The best way of carrying out all of these points is to gently ease into a French kiss by starting off with smaller regular kisses, then slowly opening up your mouth and introducing your tongue. Then it’s really all about getting into the right rhythm.

Be warned though – you may find that once you get too good at French kissing that it will quickly lead to other things! I recall a lot of my partners telling me I was the best kisser they ever had, and that also sets the scene for other steamy things to come…

Hopefully these things will make you unforgettable!

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