How To Keep Him Interested – 5 Dating Mistakes Not To Make


Get him and keep him interested in you!

In an earlier article we wrote about How To Seduce A Man. Assuming this worked for you, and I hope it got you a good man that you like, you’re now left with the big challenge of how to keep him.

A good man worth holding onto is a hard thing to find these days. And it’s often even harder to keep him there when you finally do find him. If you have found a guy that you would like to keep and consider a committed relationship with, then it’s important that you don’t go and ruin your chances by making these mistakes.

Remember, desirable men are already in demand by other women, they usually have other options available too, and they’ve dated enough women to know exactly what the score is. And if you make these mistakes, he will usually be long gone before you can even realize that you did something wrong.

So here are five things to look out for that will usually blow your chances with a guy that’s ‘keeping’ material, and more importantly, how to avoid them.

1. Opening up your emotions and feelings for him too soon

Men like to have a certain amount of freedom and independence in their life – there is no uncertainty about that! So if you make it clear too soon that you love him and want to take things seriously with him, he will more than likely panic and feel a threat to his freedom and independence.

Most men won’t be comfortable with a clingy girlfriend that suffocates their space. Remember, the earlier stages of dating should be closer to a casual style relationship, than a fully committed relationship.

After a certain amount of time passes, and once you both know each other well enough, then it is acceptable to want to pursue a more committed type relationship. A minimum of three months dating would be enough before talking about such a thing.

It’s also worth pointing out, that it’s not possible to make somebody want to be with you, or to have a committed relationship, no matter how much you try and convince them. A committed relationship is something that takes time and effort, and occurs subconsciously when each person decides it feels right for them.

2. Trying to get too much from him too soon

Don’t go and try and change the current situation between the two of you too soon. If you have only been seeing each other once a week so far, don’t go and start demanding to see him three or more times a week. It’s ok to want to see him more, but remember that it’s a gradual process that you both ease into.

What if he wants more? It is perfectly acceptable to ask him where he is at with everything, but not in such a way that you are nagging or placing an ultimatum on him. Most men will understand what you are referring to and give it some thought when they are alone. He may even take this as a sign that you could possibly be considering your options elsewhere, and this will only work to your favour.

Unfortunately, many desirable men are afraid of commitment, and it’s something that probably won’t change in a hurry. But just because he doesn’t want to rush into something now, doesn’t mean that he won’t want something more serious down the track when he is ready.

3. Don’t be so available

When a person is busy and not so available on demand, then that person creates an element of mystery about them. This is a very desirable effect. Think of it like this – if you sent a text message to a guy and he replied back in 1.25 seconds then you would think he has nothing else going on in his life. Boring! But if he replied back in an hour, you would be left wondering the whole time what is going on. Intrigue and suspense! See the difference? Do the same thing.

While being unavailable at times may sound like some kind of manipulative tactic, it’s actually not. It’s about being aware of the dynamics that exist between men and women and using it to your advantage, and having a desirable outcome – which is you spending more time with him. Be warned though, don’t think that you should always play hard to get and never be available – as this sort of behavior will repel him even more.

Remember, if you appear to be busy and seem like you live a fun and interesting life, and then make the effort and time to be with him, he will only respect you and your time together more. Men simply love women that are a bit of a challenge to them, and not being so available all of the time will actually work in your favour.

4. Being overly confident

A confident woman knows what she wants, knows how to get it, and has a high level of self-worth. This is all fine, and men love such traits in a woman because it challenges them. The problem arises when a woman thinks that these are the be-all and end-all of what she thinks a guy is looking for. It just doesn’t work like that – there has to be some balance, and small doses of vulnerability and self-deprecating humour can actually make a woman equally as attractive. Balance though girls, balance!

Don’t try and be too confident, because it will only work against you – no man likes a woman that comes across as being too bitchy or too contrived. These behaviours are a very big turn off to men.

5. Appealing to his sexual side too much

A man wants to fall in love with your internal beauty as well as your external beauty. While making yourself appeal to him externally is great – nice hair, make-up, wearing sexy clothes, etc, you should also be putting as much effort into making yourself beautiful internally. This means being an overall positive, sweet and caring person.

Nobody is perfect, and as individuals we can always work on improving the way in which others perceive us. This means improving ourselves internally as people. Be more empathetic, be less selfish and less insecure, and show him the beautiful person you are on the inside. Because let’s face it, if your man only likes you for your external beauty, then he doesn’t really love you for who you are.

So there it is! Some of the biggest mistakes women make with men and how to avoid them. Try to follow these tips and you’ll dramatically increase the chances of keeping him as your man. Good luck!

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