How To Have A Fling


Thinking about having a fling?

Flings are sexy and often short-lived ‘no strings attached’ type sexual encounters, which are usually pursued for pure self-indulgence.

Many females would typically ask; “Is this sort of behavior ok?” or “Will I be considered a ‘slut’ if I do it?” The fact is, it’s perfectly normal for people to want to have sex with someone they are attracted to.

A fling is also a great opportunity to get your confidence back if you have been hurt in a relationship. This may sound like an insecure thing to say, but a good fling can sometimes be just the thing you need to develop yourself emotionally. You can also widen your social circle through fling dating, and best of all meet some incredible people.

A fling won’t be suited to every person however, and people that are very shy and closed-minded might want to give this a miss. Especially if you find yourself getting too attached too quickly to someone you’ve just met. If that’s the case, then a fling will only cause more pain.

The best attitude to have is one where you appreciate that your fling will never lead to anything serious. If you take this attitude, then you won’t need to worry about a fling leading to deeper feelings.

If you are on the hunt for a compatible exclusive partner, then you may want to slow your flings down, as most men will not generally respect a woman that is ‘too easy’ to get.

So, in order to help you let your hair down and start hitting the clubs and bars, here are some tips to follow that will make the whole idea of a fling alot easier:

Dress for Success

We know the lyrics by Roxette, right? “Shape yourself up for the big time baby.” Look as sexy and delicious as you can. You want to be approached by guys because you look hot to them. Wear revealing clothes, and sexy shoes are a must.

Flirt, Flirt, Flirt

This is no time to be an Ice Queen towards guys you are attracted to and that approach you. Yes, of course you can be selective, but just don’t be too hard to get. Let the guy you’re interested in know that your intentions are not noble. *Wink.* There are more guaranteed flirting tips to win him over in our How To Seduce A Man article.

Stay Away From Vulnerable Types

If you get the feeling that he’s the type of guy that will be hurt from the fling, then don’t do it. If you explain your intentions upfront and he still chooses yes, just be conscious of his feelings, because a lot of guys will just say, “yes” based on what his dicks tell them. You’re not doing this to deliberately hurt someone else.

Protection and Hygiene

You don’t want to be finding out down the track that your fling that you have had no contact with since got you pregnant. Believe me, I know some girlfriends who this has happened to. Also have some self-respect and protect yourself from the risk of contracting any sexually transmitted diseases. Make sure yours and his hygiene standards are high to make it completely enjoyable.

Keep It Fun & Exciting

Enjoy yourself as much as you can, let lose, because this is most likely just a one off! This is a great chance to experiment with new things and feel sexually liberated.

Don’t Feel Guilty

Having a sling does not make you slutty. Sluts are the ones who only have flings and have them often, but even then, good luck to them if that’s what they are really after. I’m not judging anyone.

At the end of the day, the idea of a fling or ‘no strings attached’ sexual encounter is to not get too attached. It’s a means of achieving sexual pleasure and pleasure alone.

If you see the same guy out with another woman the next weekend, you cannot get angry with him. You have to accept what it is you entered into when it happened. Enjoy!

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